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Hello, world! 🌍

Hello, world! 🌍

This is the initial commit of the NextJS Notes newsletter. See what it's about and sign up at the bottom of the page.

Drew Bredvick
Drew Bredvick

Welcome to NextJS Notes.

The newsletter gets sent each Sunday around 4:00 PM CT.

I send special one-off emails for each NextJS major version release.

I'll also post long form blog posts exploring new features of the framework once a month.


Q: Why write a newsletter?

I use NextJS at work on large scale projects. I follow pretty much every dev who contributes to NextJS. I hack together side projects using NextJS on the weekends.

Because I use the framework so much, I thought it would be helpful to share my notes.

P.S. - want to contribute your notes? Write a blog post and email me a link at

Q: What do you cover in the newsletter?

  • summaries of framework changes
  • cool new projects that use/integrate with NextJS
  • high-quality blog posts from the community
  • useful NPM packages
  • in-depth essays on Next.js like this one πŸ‘‡
Why Next.js?
Next.js is a fast-growing React framework that is used by almost 100,000 repositories now [source [] ]. Next.js has a broad set of features that both IndieHackers and Fortune 500 companies love. Check out …

Q: Where can I find previous newsletters?

I tag all newsletters with the tag "Newsletters". You can view them all here. Here's an example:

HEY – let’s talk about static sites
Let’s dive into all the releases since Next.js 9.4.0 including canary commits. This post also features JAMstack Functions, a useful resource while building a Next.js app.

Q: Where do I send my cool idea for the newsletter?

Email me at and let's chat about it!

Q: Where can I subscribe?

Right down here πŸ‘‡

P.s. – I only send the newsletter to confirmed email addresses so don't forget to verify yours πŸ™‚